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Will this be the situation for MapleStory 2
We've got a lot of templates and you can create your own vanity clothing, even the car mounts so you can produce your own car layouts. We have twenty-plus distinct kinds of instruments in the game, tools, which you can use to create your personal music. You can play as a ring with MS2 Mesos. There's a concert hall where you can play with friends and family. They do their own rivals. Thus, those are all kinds of social plus contemporary trends like Roblox, all those matches, like Minecraft. Those are integrated at a MapleStory way.

Can you talk to the philosophy behind the microtransaction model? We do understand that MapleStory 1 has a kind of reputation of. In the time we weren't concerned about that. Good thing is programmers for MapleStory 2 are well aware that it shouldn't ever become pay-to-win. Thus, we worked with our development group and the items for sale in the game are similar to our variant of MapleStory. I was a manufacturer working on MapleStory 1 around 2005-06. There was a philosophy we had internally as a team that we weren't likely to sell extra XP coupons, and at that time our very best vendors were critters, hair vouchers, so our version is actually similar to that.

A couple of things that we are currently adding on top of this is because of our designer's shop. First, players may purchase templates for like two or three bucks. They sell it, and actually can design their own things. So, 1 difference is going to be our content founders in the game will be able to make our money [Blue Merets] by selling them and producing clothing. And we get a small cut of the revenue.We've actually taken comments from the players, like'we are worried this can be pay-to-win' so we've removed pretty much exactly what [pay-to-win]. So, now we're in a place where we are actually thinking through and ensuring we're have a lot of a revenue stream to sustain the service in case, you knowwe do not make enough. But considering the appearances of the game, we're extremely confident Buy MapleStory 2 Mesos. Like, the figures are adorable, people are actually into customization at the moment. So we are convinced we can keep our model and sustain the support.

More games are shifting towards a sort of service version that is live, constantly feeding content for the game. Will this be the situation for MapleStory 2? We've got pretty much our roadmap all planned out to Q1 2019 for now. It is going to definitely be similar to MapleStory 1 if I was working on the match where we're planning six, seven weeks ahead. Otherwise, we couldn't receive any substance that is localized or optimizations during our service.

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